10 thing you should know about Moderat

1. Moderat are an electronic music group originating in Berlin, Germany between Sascha Ring, also known as Apparat, and Modeselektor members Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. While Apparat is "more interested in designing sounds than beats", Moderselektor draws heavily from IDM, glitch, electro house and hip hop.  

2. Arguably underground clubland's favourite "band," Moderat unite fans of techno and bass music. But they also also reach beyond that heartland, wowing festival crowds and attracting curious indie-rock kids with their stylish, emotive electronica. 

3. The group was voted "The #1 Live Act of the Year" in 2009 by the readers of the online electronic music magazine Resident Advisor. In 2009, the readers of the online electronic music magazine, In 2010, they were voted "The #7 Live Act" by the readers of the same website.

4. Back in 2002, there existed an early incarnation of Moderat. Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert linked up with Sascha Ring to lay down a collaborative full-length and, gently put, it didn't work out. The trio found the recording process so personally damaging they named the resulting material Auf Kosten der Gesundheit ("At the Cost of Health"). Naturally it didn't seem like they'd be getting back together anytime soon.

5. Six years before they got together again. In the mean time both acts had established sensationally successful careers. Modeselektor’s debut album Hello, Mom! gained them international recognition at light speed. Apparat had not just one but two breakthrough albums. He developed a live show that fused together acoustic and electronic music. Their eponymous debut album and first full-length Moderat, was released on  2009. 

6. Ever since, they release two more albums entitled simply II and III. Last year, Moderat complete the trilogy with III, where they update the songwriting tradition with an intriguing palette receiving mostly favorable reviews from critics worlwide.

7. The original Moderat II live tour ended abruptly after just 11 stops with a motorcycle accident of Sascha Ring aka Apparat. All further dates for the extensive world tour had to be postponed until 2014.

8. UNICEF chose their song Gita for their non violence campaign and the band gladly gave their blessing for a video clip filmed by UNICEF in Paraguay. The Bonus DVD of II features the official videos for Bad Kingdom and Last Time, as well as the UNICEF video for Gita

9. In August 2009 Moderat supported Radiohead on the band's concerts in Poznań, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic. Modeselektor is a favourite group of Thom Yorke, who has recommended their albums in interviews and included the song Silikon (from their 2005 LP Hello Mom!) in a publicly available iTunes playlist. In 2011 Modeselektor released their third LP, Monkeytown, in which various artists including Thom Yorke collaborated on.

10. During their last tour, they used to open their live performances with a strong message on the led wall: “Moderat is a very dark show. For everyone's enjoyment please do not use any kind of flash or light for filming. Enjoy the show!”.