Dinosaur Jr. Now Have Their Own Emoji

From now on, U.S. alt-rock band Dinosaur Jr. has their own emojis. J Mascis (guitar, voice), Lou Barlow (bass), and Murph (drums) lead up the band’s new iPhone emoji range.

Besides the members of the band, the app also features memorable images from throughout their career: from the eye goggles from the Freak Scene video to Mascis’ glittery pink Jazzmaster guitar.

Check them out and download the full set here, via Emoji Fame. For 2 dollars iOS users can get a set of emojis with the faces of Dinosaur Jr members. to express all kinds of emotions: sadness, love, happiness, content...

Last year, Dinosaur Jr. released Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not. They will  perform on Matusalem Stage in Mad Cool Festival next Saturday, July 8.