The Big Foo Fighters Joke

No, Foo Fighters aren't breaking up. But back in March this year an intense rumor flow over the internet. It was right before Dave Grohl plays solo at the Oscars 2016. Foo Fighters frontman soundtracked the award ceremony's In Memoriam segment with a touching “Blackbird” cover. Immediately the press started all kinds of speculations around a Ghrol solo career and the possibility of a Foo’s breakup. 

The band then responds to those rumors spread with a mysterious tweet stated there would be an "official announcement“. The tweet followed a Page Six report that claimed there was "tension" between bandmates Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins and that Grohl may be going solo, which likely helped ignite the rumors.

The day before they release a hilarious video. The seven-minute clip opens with real-life headlines about Grohl's appearance at the Oscars and more headlines about the Foo Fighters' possible breakup. Scenes switch between Grohl, who in the clip is considered a solo run, and his bandmates, who are considering other singers in the band, with suggestions that range from Gwen Stefani to Phil Collins and Justin Bieber.

After Grohl attempts an earnest piano-led ballad, with lyrics that focus on him being alone and the band auditions a non-Foo-Fighters-type artist, the video culminates with the real announcement. "For the millionth time we're not breaking up. And nobody's going fucking solo!" is written across the screen. Watch it below. 

(Source: Rolling Stone)