Vocoder Top 5 by Röyksopp

Norwegian music duo Röyksopp are one of the most successful electronic acts of the last two decades. Since they've started, Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland have consistently experimented with various genres, including ambient, house music and synthpop. 
Recently, British newspaper The Guardian ask them about their influences and they get back with a vocoder playlist. According to the band themselves, the famous voice syhthetizer is “an essential part of our sound’. 
Among the group’s top five vocoder tracks are a Belgian disco stomp from the 70s, Laurie Anderson’s O Superman, Kraftwerk’s The Robots, and a slice of fine Italodisco. They even deserve a spot on the list. 

Check out the full list below: 

1. Transvolta – Disco Computer
2. Laurie Anderson – O Superman
3. Röyksopp – Thank You
4. Mr Flagio – Take a Chance
5. Kraftwerk – The Robots

(Source: The Guardian)