Foster the People Announce New Album

After returning with a trio of new songs, American band Foster the People have now formally announced their new full-length album. Titled Sacred Hearts Club, the group's third album arrives July 21.

The album has 12 new songs, the previously shared Pay the Man, Doing It for the Money and SHC are all included. To get an idea of what to expect from the album, the band has shared a behind-the-scenes documentary, entitled Sacred Hearts Club (the beginning), in which we can watch the band rehearsing and a brief interview with Mark Foster.  

The singer and leader of the band reveal some details of the album, apparently inspired by 60's joyful sounds: "Every morning I wake up and watch the headlines and something terrible happened. I felt that with this album a really want to do something joyful"

Take a look to the album's artwork and watch the documentary right here. Foster The People will be playing Mad Cool Festival next Saturday, July 8 on the Koko UK Stage.