Mad Cool Festival 2020 kicks off



Mad Cool Festival 2020 is already in motion, and this year it is celebrating its 5th anniversary. It fills us with joy to see how far we've come; thanks to a committed team, top-level artists and, above all, a passionate audience. But for a festival that’s always trying to be better and that learns from its mistakes, getting to 5 years has also been a challenge, an incredibly important one.

Like every year, 2020 kicks off with the will to be even better than the previous one. The 2019 edition came to its end with great success and pride for having lived up to expectations. But Mad Cool will keep working, because it wants to make the experience even more comfortable and enjoyable. That is its commitment to music and its audience: Make Mad Cool 2020 even better, more thrilling, more attractive, more spectacular, more memorable, more comfortable, more sustainable and safer… A unique and global festival; one that you can’t miss out; it’s where you’re supposed to be: an unparalleled experience.

Mad Cool Festival announces the following for its 2020 edition:

*    Four days of the festival
Mad Cool Festival adds another day to its line-up, from Wednesday the 8th to Saturday the 11th of July

*    Seven stages
Mad Cool Festival is increasing the number of stages from six to seven, which will be distributed throughout the enclosure in order to give all the musical styles their place.

*    Capacity of 60,000 people
Mad Cool is reducing its capacity to 60,000 people per day with the purpose of making the Mad Cool experience more agile and comfortable.

*    Expansion of the restaurant and relaxation area
Mad Cool Festival will be equipped with a larger dedicated space for relaxation, leisure and gastronomy, which will offer a gratifying moment to rest in between concerts, as well as a wide array of gastronomic possibilities.

We are still striving for improvement, while filled with excitement, and, above all, many surprises.

More to come!