Mad Cool presents: Artists X Madrid, a project in collaboration with the Community Of Madrid


Mad Cool presents “Artists x Madrid”, a new project that together with the Community of Madrid explores the link between art and music. And you will ask yourself… how can these two concepts be brought together in an inspiring way?

We have searched for ten artists whom we have asked to create an illustration inspired by Madrid, and to accompany the creative process, what better than letting yourself be carried away by music… right? These ten artists have also shared with us their favorite playlist, which has been the soundtrack that has accompanied their creation process, their happy place where they can unleash their art and where these ten illustrations have seen the light.

The result? A unique mix of art and music in ten pieces where you can enjoy these works over and over again.

Every week we will discover two of the ten artists who star in this new project. We start this journey with Laura Vega and Manon, check it out!


Listen to the playlist here

Laura Vega Cuevas is a painter based in Madrid since 2018. In her paintings she expresses her artistic vision from both a pictorial and narrative point of view, joining two of the arts that she is most passionate about: literature and painting.

The illustration inspired by Madrid that she has created listening to her playlist is called “Almuerzo Madrileño”. A girl eating what can be defined as a must in Madrid gastronomy… the famous and beloved squid sandwich.

You can download her illustration “Almuerzo Madrileño” HERE



02 – MANON

Listen to the playlist here

Her artistic project is summed up in being able to create whenever she wants and is happy with it. The art world is difficult, but she assures us that she doesn’t want to stop being able to be proud of what she does. With some projects in mind, little by little she will discover and present what is still a secret.

The illustration inspired by Madrid that she has created listening to his playlist is called "Sgt Churro's Lonely Hearts Club Band", where we can see a girl eating churros, another gastronomic symbol of the city, next to one of the most emblematic buildings in Gran Via.

You can download her illustration “Sgt Churro’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” HERE.


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