Announcement: update on current situation


Dear all,

Mad Cool team would like you to know that, despite the unusual and complicated situation we are living in, we haven’t forgotten about you. You are what makes this festival possible. Therefore, we would like to share with you information about our current situation, so you know first hand, without a doubt, where things stand.

Somedays ago we said that the chances of the festival happening where decreasing. Today, we have to tell you in all honesty, that the festival won’t happen on the current dates. Presently, we are waiting for our authorities to declare a Force Majeure case, so we can solve everything the right way. Unfortunately, we can’t make a unilateral decision as there are hundreds of contracts with artists, providers, sponsors, freelances etc. that need this kind of legal statement to avoid breach of contract. We need this to be done in the same way that it has already been declared in most of the rest of the European countries.

We have been working for months on the present edition, thinking about you and about all the personnel that make it possible for Mad Cool to happen every year. You don’t get to see all these people, but they are essential in order to make such a big event happen: workers, inhouse & external ones, technical staff, sound & light technicians, security, crew, scenography, food trucks, goods providers, our own staff… and all the auxiliary companies that contribute to build this small but great city that is Mad Cool. Thousands of people and their families, that help us to grow and improve.

During all these weeks, and considering the course of events, we have been working on different scenarios. The most real and practical one is to move the festival to 2021, same dates. We already have a very positive feedback from most of the artists in our line up. Therefore, with all the ones we can reschedule, plus some new names that we can add to the line up, we will be back next year with a new edition that we hope exceeds your expectations. Your loyalty demands that we do not disappoint you.

Regarding the ticket refunds, don’t worry. As soon as authorities let us know their decision, according to the legal regulations, we will give you all the details in order to start the process as well as all the options for those who would like to keep their tickets, as they will be valid for next year. Please don’t doubt, anyone that wants to have a refund, will get it.

It has not been an easy decision to make, but we believe is the best one considering the present circumstances. Your health and safety are our priorities. You are all the most important thing for the festival, and we need you and your friends and family to be careful and follow all the recommendations established by the authorities.

Finally, while we await the authority’s official decision to address all points needed to be able to officially postpone our fifth anniversary, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

After the storm always comes the calm and we will be able to see a clearer future. If there is something we are sure about is that we will all come out of this together and when we do we will be stronger. Mad Cool will return and we will all get together again to enjoy music.

Thanks and stay strong!