Receive your Mad Cool wristband


Friends, we can’t wait to see you all, and as you know the first step is for you to get your MAD COOLER wristband.

To make sure you can all receive it (in Spain and everywhere else), we need you to confirm your address. How? Following these steps:

1.Go to your Mad Cool Area. If you haven’t done it yet, you can create your profile following these steps:

                    Select “your ticket info”.

                    Choose the portal in which you purchased your ticket.

                    Fill in the data required and click ‘log in’.

2.Check your data and make sure all information is correct.

3.Go through “my tickets” and make sure all your purchases are listed.

4.If you prefer to pick up the wristband at the festival, check the box for “I don’t want to receive my wristband at home” and we will let you know how and where to pick it up at the venue during the festival.

The shipment of the wristband will begin the following weeks. We will let you know through both email and social media as soon as we start to ship.

*Important info* Keep in mind that once your wristband leaves the warehouse you will not be able to make any modification for the delivery. You will receive a message from our postal service approximately 72H before delivery.

If you want to be the first one to find out about everything related to the festival, and the wristband shipments, make sure to follow us on social media. If you have any questions, please check our FAQs and if you can’t find an answer or you have any other issue, you can contact us at:

Please remember that there are thousands of people waiting for their wristbands and the shipments will take place for several months (April, May and June). Don’t worry if you are not the first one to receive them! 

We are waiting for you to SHINE AGAIN!