Wristband delivery starts now!


We invite you to share your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #MeetMetAtMadCool 2019

Mad Cool Festival 2019 has started the wristband delivery for you to have access to the Valdebebas venue, according to the type of ticket you have purchased. With the aim to start the Mad Cool 2019 experience as soon as possible, we encourage you to interact with us from the minute you receive your wristband at home.

We would like to invite you to share on Instagram a picture with your wristband to see The Cure, Bon Iver, The Smashing Pumpkins, The National or The 1975 with the hashtag #MeetMeAtMadCool. Between all of those who join us on this challenge, we would like to give away 10 Mad Cool 2019 official merchandising packs including a Mad Cool Membership card.

Your wristband is already active. You don’t have to complete any forms or activate it on any device.

Mad Cool wristband is the only valid device to grant you access to the festival. This wristband is personal and none transferrable. With it, you’ll be able to access those areas that your ticket allows you to. Even though we are encouraging you to take a picture with the wristband, please, do not try it on before the Festival, because, once you have fasten it, it is impossible to remove, and you might damage it. Doing an unboxing is a great idea, although we suggest you don’t show your code, or at least, make it unreadable. 


Once you receive your wristband, we suggest you keep it in a safe place until the festival to avoid damage or even losing it. It is compulsory to grant you access and if it is damaged, you might not be allowed in the Festival.


To avoid any issues, we suggest that you bring with you your print at home (either printed or on your mobile) in case you face any issues with your wristband.  You may go to the INCIDENCIAS booth right at the main entrance. Do not remove the wristband once you leave the venue, you will need it to access again on the following day/s. 


Even though the wristband delivery starts today, this process will be made progressively during the months of May and June. Do not worry if you don’t get yours right away. Once your delivery is ready, you will receive an email from the shipping company letting you know that your parcel will arrive within 72 hours. Your wristband will be delivered to the address you provided when you purchase your ticket.

Wristbands will be delivered to any country in the world with the exception of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Russia. If you have purchased your ticket at Carrefour, FNAC or Halcon Viajes we won’t be delivering your wristband either. 

For any questions or changes, please get in touch through: pulseras@madcool.es

Once you receive the email from the shipping company, we won’t be accepting any changes on the delivery address.