The 80,000 people who will attend the Mad Cool Festival 2018 every day, which will be held in Madrid on July 12, 13 and 14, will be able to enjoy not only a world-class line up and a large number of alternative cultural offerings, but also a wide and varied set of gastronomic options. In this new edition, the Madrid festival moves to a new and spacious venue, the Espacio Mad Cool(Valdebebas-Ifema), which hosts a total of seven stages; and will double the gastronomic options offered with a total array of 14 food trucks and 17 food stands. A selection for all tastes and preferences, including, of course, vegan, vegetarian and those suitable for coeliacs and the lactose intolerant.

Among the total of the 31 available options, we see great gastronomic diversity coming from different corners of the world - Italian, American, Mexican, Asian etc-, without neglecting the national options of the different areas of the Spanish geography. You can enjoy the best classic tapas, calamari sandwiches or tortilla skewers, as well as rice dishes and an array meats with certified designations of origin.

But there is still more. If you consider yourself a sweet tooth, in Mad Cool you can enjoy the best ice creams, as well as a select variety of juices to combat the heat: all with offers that perfectly suit different budgets allowing an array of possibilities to accompany your experience. Remember that you can pay around the enclosure with cash or card.

In Espacio Mad Cool you can find a multitude of bars spread throughout the site, where you can buy all kinds of beverages, including gluten-free beer. You will have sources of drinking water in one of the central points of the enclosure. While it is not permitted to carry food or drink from the outside, bottles of water of no more than 33cl and without a stopper will be allowed for those entering the enclosure.

Through the Mad Cool Festival, we want you to enjoy a complete experience in addition to immersing yourself in the best live music and different arts and disciplines, and you can take advantage of the best amenities and services that gastronomy has to offer.

The method of payments available are as traditional festivals go: it will be possible to pay in all the bars, food trucks and stands with cash or card.