Mad Cool supports the cleanup of the oceans


Madrid, July 19th.- Mad Cool Festival has a strong social commitment, and will donate the “charity” percentage (CSR) from all its invitations to The Ocean Cleanup Foundation. From its very beginnings, on 2013, activist and engineer Boyan Slat, has been developing a technology to extract plastic waste from the sea, to clean up the waters helping to avoid the contamination of the Ocean.

The amount of this endowment is, as in previous editions, 100% of the money raised by the invitations. This is, 30 euros for each three-day ticket and 15 euros for each one-day ticket. The amount amounts to 12.065 euros.

This initiative is part of the Festival’s search for the environmental sustainability. Firstly, its commitment to sustainable mobility, encouraging attendees to use public transport. For this, free shuttle busses have been arranged for all attendees. Secondly, recycling awareness by providing yellow containers throughout the site.  As a support measure, Mad Cool is committed to the use of reusable cups, drastically reducing the generation of plastic waste.

And lastly, a challenge for the future: replace diesel generator with others powered by renewable energies facilitating sustainable energy consumption.

Mad Cool Festival contribution to The Ocean Cleanup is another example of the Festival’s desire to get involved in solidarity causes.

Since Mad Cool began its journey on 2016, the Festival has supported projects such as the Semillero Cool, for the Fundación para la Acción Social Musical, and has opened several work exchanges in different districts of Madrid to support them financially.

The Ocean Cleanup proposes a unique and large-scale method to remove solid waste from the ocean designed by Boyan Slat. His author has been recognized by the Intel EYE50 as one of the 20 most promising young entrepreneurs from around the world. After deployment of a full fleet of 60 systems, The Ocean Cleanup aims to cleanup 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the largest accumulation of ocean plastic, in 5 years time.

Boyan Slat, who is only 24 years old, has been devoted with heart and soul to the clean-up of the ocean since he was 16, when in a scuba diving session in Greece, he discovered a large plastic dump adrift. He presented his project for the first time on 2012 at a TED talk at Delf, and after quitting his Aerospace Engineering studies at the Dutch University, he has invested all of this time in the development of the Ocean Clean up, that was founded on 2013. His TED talk went viral after it was shared on several websites.

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