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Mad Cool App is now available for Android and iOS

We want to be that friend who can answer all your questions when the excitement of finally being at the festival invades you... And the solution to all of them, you will find it all in the app! Do you want to know what time your favorite artist is going to play? Or maybe you need us to remind you 15 minutes ahead of the concert of that singer you love? Take a look at the app. After taking a pic on the ferris wheel, do you want to get to a stage as quickly as possible without getting lost? Are you looking for the lounge area for a little break between concert and concert? Check out the map on the App. One last check of the concerts order? Do you want to be able to listen to your fav singers and make sure they don't overlap? Look at the schedule on the app.

Any question that you can think of before and during Mad Cool… you’ll find the answer there. DOWNLOAD NOW!