Mad Cool Festival is pleased to unveil a very special guest to complete this year’s line up: Uber.

On top of Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode or Arctic Monkeys, this year you will also get to live the ultimate Uber experience: an integrated, seamless journey that will be brought to the Mad Cool for the very first time in Spain.

Forget about lining and get into the festival directly with your Uber, enjoy your favourite food through your Uber Eats app within the venue and get back home quick and safely. All at a tap of a button.

No queues, no cash, no car keys. All you will need is your phone -and some battery left.

How it works:

Other useful Uber tips:

  1. Direct payment - you will only have to tap a button and you will get a ride. When getting to the festival, you can rush into their favourite concerts: when arriving to destination, the trip will be automatically charged to your payment method.

  2. Share your trip - After twenty ‘where are you’ messages, you can share your trip details with all your friends. They will know where are you and the exact time you are arriving.

  3. Multiple Destination - This new feature lets you seamlessly add up to three total stops to your journey. That way, you can hop in your Uber and then grab the crew. All in one car, all in one trip.

  4. Split fare - The typical “you pay now and I’m paying the next round” does not always work. With the Uber app, you can easily divide the cost of the trip with the friends that are riding with you through the app.

  5. Contact your driver - In-app chat allows drivers and riders to communicate and coordinate the pickup faster, since you don’t need to switch between apps to get in touch, and cheaper since it all happens in the Uber app. You can also call your driver and directly talk to him through an anonymous number.