We are launching the Lovers Pack: The sweetest way to access the festival and to celebrate Valentine's day


A limited edition designed by artists @sergiodosal @roledesma @pakrolsky which includes three Belgian chocolate bars exchangeable for a weekend at the festival.

In this video you can watch our vindication, a humoristic approach of a more current and independent version on the understanding of love and the celebration of this symbolic date, that is at the same time so full of clichés.

Our message is clear, the love of your life could be your mother, your brother, your grandfather, your dog, your cat, your profession. The love of your life can be a friend, the love of your life can be "loves" in plural or you, in super singular and this is the gift you deserve to give & suprise the love of your life.

Whomever it is.



For more information on IG @madcoolfestival

#MadCool2022 #ShineAgain