Special 3 day tickets on sale for Mad Cool 2018


Due to the increase in the resale of tickets for Mad Cool 2018 over the past weeks, often at exorbitant prices, Mad Cool Festival has decided to sell 1.000 extra 3 day tickets (within the legal venue capacity) to stop fraudulent ticket reselling.

If you do not have your 3 day ticket for Mad Cool 2018 yet, it is your chance to buy it legally and for the official price. The festival will not accept any claims regarding tickets purchased at unofficial selling points. Should any problem arise with unoffical tickets purchased, holders will have to submit a claim to that particular selling point.

This is a unique opportunity as tickets for Mad Cool 2018 sold out on January 10th, more than six months before the beginning of the festival and the confirmation of acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Dua Lipa, Post Malone, Underworld, Eels, Richie Hawtin or Jet. It is also the last chance to attend the festival on Thursday July 12th (headlined by Pearl Jam), since individual tickets for that day sold out on April 4th.

The first 500 extra full tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, June 6th, starting at 10:00 am. The remaining 500 will go on sale next week. They are priced at €190 + expenses (shipping included) and can be purchased exclusively through our website.

Please purchase your tickets only through the official channels.

See you at Mad Cool 2018!