All the decisions we make on a daily basis have an impact on our planet

MAD COOL FESTIVAL is an experience attended by more than 300,000 people, and that’s why it’s our responsibility to create a festival that’s as sustainable as possible, so that in the future we can have many more.

That’s why we’re working towards reducing our impact and putting together a sustainable event. We know we have a long way to go, but it’s our duty to make it happen.

What is a sustainable event?

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) defines it as:

“An event that is designed, organized, and implemented in a way that minimizes negative environmental effects and leaves a positive legacy for the local community”.

Mad Cool Festival has become a leading event in Spain’s culture and tourism scene, and that’s why we are committed to:

Becoming an agent for change by creating the Festival of the future, based on efficiency and sustainability with a positive impact on three fundamental aspects: the environment, the sociocultural landscape and the economy.


By reducing our possible negative effects and by optimizing our processes to make them more efficient.

By guaranteeing sustainable management based on reducing our environmental footprint.

By ensuring the preservation of the human rights of all people involved, as well as transparency and good leadership by the organization.

By contributing to and collaborating with the strengthening and sustainable development of the sector and the community.

By raising awareness about the effects of climate change.

Recycling plan

We install a waste sorting system including 500 containers each with a capacity of 800 liters. They are distributed all around the festival so that you can help us with the separate collection of waste (paper, plastic, organic and general).

We provide soft drinks with reusable bottles.

We have eliminated single-use plastic at food stands, replacing it with biodegradable materials.

We sort glass separately at the bars.

Our cups are reusable, which is why they cost one euro. Don’t lose it and use it throughout the festival.

Wherever possible, we reuse graphic materials (banners, posters). We also use materials from previous events and give them a second life.

We provide you with all the necessary info about the festival through QR codes, social media, and the Festival’s own mobile APP. This way, we avoid using paper.

Our artificial turf is reused every year, and we save liters and liters of irrigation water and chemical fertilizers.

We use sustainable materials for all our initiatives and communications.

We use protocols to raise awareness about waste recycling during the event for workers, sponsors, providers, waiters and contributors (stands and food trucks).

Energy plan

At Mad Cool Festival we reduce and optimize energy use through efficient lighting:

We opt for LED technology to light up the bars, tents, gathering areas, VIP zones and The Club, dressing rooms, etc. In this way, we reduce energy consumption.

We use Stage V generators which produce fewer CO2 emissions.

We collaborate with sustainable Partners who help us to include innovative and clean technologies:

With Iberdrola, a global leader in renewable energy, we’ve introduced our Smartflower, a solar energy system that provides our tent The Loop with clean energy, being 40% more efficient thanks to its solar tracker and rotation capacity.

We use electric vehicles for the production teams. SEAT MÓ collaborates with the festival by offering mobility solutions in a simple, environmentally friendly and sustainable way that allows us to reduce our use of fossil fuel vehicles.

We encourage getting to the event by using more sustainable transport options, such as buses, the metro, car pools and electric transport methods.

We’re also carrying out an energy efficiency assessment that allows us to identify opportunities for improvement in order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only this, we’re also working on an estimate of our carbon footprint in order to analyze how we can make up for it once the festival is over and, in this way, become a carbon-neutral event.


At Mad Cool Festival there are vegetarian, vegan, and also gluten and lactose-free catering options.

We prioritize providers who can offer organic and local (km0) food and products that highlight local cuisine.

In addition to our recyclable cups, the packaging used in our catering is 100% Plastic Free.

Social impact

For the festival, it’s essential to continue the discussion around environmental issues, which is why we continue to raise awareness about the effects of climate change.

We use the festival’s communication platforms to disseminate our sustainability values.

We create quality jobs in the local community.

Each year, the festival ticket includes a fee that we donate to a social cause. This year, it will be donated to CEA(R) (Spanish Commission for Supporting Refugees). Since 1979, CEAR has been defending people’s right of asylum and human rights, promoting the all-round development of refugees fleeing war or human rights violations, asylum seekers, stateless persons and migrants who need international protection and/or are at risk of social exclusion.

We collaborate with rising Talent, giving them a space at the festival and acting as a loudspeaker for their work with Mad Cool Talent by Vibra Mahou.

We create areas and provide access for people with reduced mobility to watch the concerts.

The festival has a “Purple Point” that provides a support space for the prevention of gender-based violence and attacks. It also has a “Rainbow Point” offering a safe space where you can ask for information, support or advice about any topic concerning LGBTQI+ matters.

How can you help us?

Minimize your footprint: Use public transport to get to the festival or car pool. There’s a Telegram channel for the festival where you can find car buddies: Lonely Mads Club. (

Measure your carbon footprint by scanning the Iberdrola QR code that you’ll find at the festival.

Help us to sort waste and use the containers you’ll find all around the festival.

Don’t waste water from the fountains.

Reuse your cup.

2022 sustainable partners

Iberdrola, as a leader in terms of the SDGs and the fight against climate change to create the festival of the future