Lusillón starring "Sounds from Lavapiés, Madrid"


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But, pay attention! Because you will not only enjoy the most top-notch musical performances but also discover the coolest artists from various artistic disciplines in MADRID by sneaking into their studios, workshops, and creative spaces.


Let's start... What happens when you bring Lusillón's delicacy to one of the most charming workshops in MADRID?


Pam! A #Sounds that has left us completely IN-LOVE... Hit play and get ready because it is... ♥


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Listening to Lusillón's indie-pop tunes is a journey through all the emotions... We already experienced it in their performance at Mad Cool Festival '23 after they won the Mad Cool Talent by Vibra Mahou. The songs of this Madrid artist are the kind that you can't get out of your head.


Marta Capuzano is the creator of Felina Ceramics. Elegance, tradition, and nature are the ingredients of the ceramic pieces that this Galician artist creates in her workshop in Tirso de Molina. Furthermore, this space is open to creativity and can be used for many other things.


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